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Planning a cozy evening!

Hello everybody who loves Mystery Science Theatre 3000!
I have been trying to get my girlfriend to watch the series with me and after a lot of, and a lot, and a lot of asking she said that she is willing to give it a try. You can only guess who is the happiest man alive. I have been waiting for so long to get the chance to show this amazing series for a girlfriend. Of course i have waited for a while also, just because it is a quite special kind of show and i did not really wanna show it to her on the first date or so haha! That could have been awkward. But now that we are a couple for real she knows that i like the show, she have never seen an episode so does not know what it is about. It is quite exciting for me to see her reaction. I really hope that she will enjoy the show, but it is ok if she doesn’t. The fact that she wants to give it a try is all i want and that makes me happy. The only thing that she has demanded from me is to prepare a cozy evening?
Do you guys have any tip on what you can do to make it more cozy when watching moves/series?
I have searched a little bit online and found a couple of thing that you can do but most of them seems more appropriate if you don’t want to watch a movie if you know what i mean. Well what i found was:

Candles. “put out the lights and light up some candles to make it extra cozy”. Hm, i don’t know what i feel about this. Candles could be quite disturbing also if they reflect badly on the screen. And they want them to have some sort of smell? Like what?
Rose Petals. Where do people even get these ideas? Throw some rose petals on the bed? I think not. Where do you even buy rose petals? Stupid thing.
Take a bath. And this is where i stopped reading. I don’t know what kind of tips this was, but i didn’t like it.

I thought i would do more things connected to the movie night. I think more like, having some chips and coke. Dimming the lights and maybe having a blanket in the sofa. I think that would be quite nice, but what do you think? Is she going to want more? It’s so hard do know sometimes.. but more focus on us and not on some rose petals and shitty candles. Or maybe i should have some candles lit when she comes over and then we would blow them out once we start watching the show? I don’t know at all. So all of you out there, please help!!! I am really bad at this and don’t want to ruin the night for her. Maybe i should have everything ready on the table when she comes over also so we can start watching immediately. And maybe have some scented candles in the bedroom to light up after! Yes we will have to about that haha! Please send some tips and i will tell you all about how it went! When i was searching around for some cozy evening tips someone also linked this website about no deposit casino. But i don’t really think that is something for this date! Haha! There are certainly things for everybody out there. Until next time!

cozy candles for our evening