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How the night went

Hi guys! Remember that I said I would tell you all about the night I had with my girlfriend. I now it was i while ago but i still wanted to recap it with you. We started watching the series and it, well, went ok i guess. She didn’t quite like it so much that I had hoped, but she was willing to give it a try. So we watched a few episodes and but it wasn’t really her type of show. I can’t believe it. I was so looking forward to have a shared interest with her. But I guess it sometimes is the best thing that you don’t share all of your interests with each other. Maybe that is why we are so good together, maybe. I don’t know. She really is the best anyways, she is ok with watching the entire first season even though she didn’t like the first couple of episodes. And she did think that it was cozy in my room at least hehe. Well that was it about the night, not much to say.

I got some news about the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000! The original creator and writer Joel Hodgson has answered a few questions about the new season and i thought i would let you know it! The first questions is about the budget. They pledged for 6.300.000 $ for the entire season and people wondered why they needed much. The first three episodes needed two million dollars and Joel answered that out of the two millions they need to pay 700 000 only on the costs of their campaign. After all costs they are planning on paying 250 000$ per episode. And his final words are “i hope you think 250 000$ per episode feels more reasonable than 2 million for three”. So yeah it sounds a bit expensive but with all the costs and things they need to fix I do understand, and we do want the show to be really good don’t we?

The second question was the one that i have had up on the blog also: Except for Joel, will the other MST3K writers and actors come back? (yay for this question) Mystery science theater my favourite show
Joel’s answer wasn’t perhaps exactly what we wanted but at least we got an answer. What he said was that if the Kickstarter were to be successful, then he would invite everyone from the old cast but he doesn’t know who will agree to come back. I think it depends a bit on the relationship between the cast since most of them didn’t nd on a good note the last time. I quote Joel – “At the same time, I’d love to work with the entire old team again. Mystery Science Theater 3000 became the show you know and love because our writers and actors were – and are – some of the smartest, funniest people I’ve ever worked with. If they have time to come back for the next season, I’ll be so excited to work with them again.” I really hope that they will be a part of the show so that we can see some true MST3K moments in this new season also

If you want to read the rest of the questions and answers you can use this link and read Hodgsons answers to the fans! A few questions i actually feel bad for him, when fans are angry and doesn’t trust him. I think it will be a great new season and we just have to trust Joel and the rest of the team. What do you think? Leave a comment!

/ Carl


Wouldn’t it be cool to turn MST3K to a game?

South Park slotSometimes I gamble. Yes, I’m not proud of it, but sometimes I do. Usually I play slots and have recently noticed how many slots that has been inspired by movies. I think more and more has been developed, after game developers have started to cooperate with film studios like Universal Studios. For example the slots Frankenstein, Grease, The Hangover, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Night, Spider-Man, Star Trek and Marvel-slots. Some of them has a progressive jackpot as well. And I have seen that’s there aren’t only movie themed slots in the business, but also slots based on tv-series. See for example the slot South Park that is inspired by the cult series. I played it and it was quite fun. I read about this slot, and  also the South Park Reel Chaos slot, at Casinocenter which is a site that has listed a lot of slots. And then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to turn MST3K to a game? I honestly thought about it briefly before, when I wrote my previous post about popcorn and found the popcorn slot.

So how would the game look like? In my fantasy I would make Tom Servo and Gypsy to bonus symbols and have three bonus games, just like in South Park. I would turn Joel into a scatter symbol and Mike Nelson into a wild symbol. I think the avalanche feature in Gonzo’s Quest is pretty cool, so maybe I would use this in the MST3K slot. But what shall I do with the B-movies, the theatre and the popcorn? Perhaps the bonus round can be opened with old fashioned curtains? The background can be black and white and Joel can comment on the winnings together with his robots. The intro can be a short introduction to when Joel is trapped on the Satellite of Love and is forced to watch the movies.

Wouldn’t that be a great slot? I’m pretty sure it would! Perhaps I shall send my idea to NetEnt or Microgaming 😉 But on the other hand, perhaps Joel Hodgson himself won’t like the show to be turned into a game, so it might be a bad idea….

By the way, I have ordered the complete series now…. It will be so fun to watch! I am really looking forward to it! I think I will start at the beginning and watch the episodes in the right order, although I have my favorites. My girlfriend won’t be too happy though, I’ll guess, since it’s around 10 years of episodes to watch. But she’ll have to put up with it, because I want to watch everything before the new episodes will be launched.

Which are the best popcorn to eat while watching MST3K?

In this post I will actually leave MST3K for a while and talk about something else that is important: Popcorn. An important feature for me while I was watching MST3K was what kind of popcorns to use when hearing comments about B-movies.

Regular Popcorn – Always works, but it can be a bit boring. You need plenty of salt and my personal taste is that they should be a little bit crunchy, which means more burned than soft.

Butter Popcorn – My favorite! You can’t have too much butter on popcorn! Well, you might if you do them yourself, since it really stick to your fingers. But when you buy them from a machine , the more yellow the better!!

Cheddar Popcorn – Well, cheddar is lovely, but is it suitable for popcorn? Or should it remain in Cheez Doodles only? I love Cheddar Popcorn, but I can’t eat a too much of it, I’ll get kind of sick at the taste after a while and it taste like socks.

Toffee Popcorn – Sweet popcorn are yummy too. But also, not too many of them… Sweets are better off on candy.

Popcorn with different flavors – I have a popcorn-lover friend that have introduced me to have cinnamon on Popcorns. It works, but it doesn’t beat butter!

Colored popcorn – Colored popcorn with sugar looks better than they taste. But are enjoyable anyway in the company of Joel and the crew!

Cookie popcorn – I read a recipe about mixing popcorn with crushed Oreos and then adding melted chocolate to this. I’ve never tried it, but honestly, can that be good? I’m doubtful.

Apple popcorn – Mix apple crisps with popcorn, melted butter, sugar, salt an syrup and put in the oven for 5 minutes. Taste quite good with the sweetness, salt and sourness mixture.

Parmesan and garlic – I love popcorn, I love parmesan and I love garlic. Add a little bit of melted butter and sprinkle the parmesan and the grinded garlic spice and you’re in heaven! You can add Rosemary if you want.

A warning – I bought a popcorn machine since it was fat free (or I got it from my girlfriend… What does she wan’t too say with that??) Well, anyway, the good thing about it was just to put down the corn and pop it, without using butter or oil. And perhaps they were fat free, but so tasteless! Even the salt didn’t stick! So not even the guys on MST3K can make me laugh when eating these babies….

Conclusion – buttered popcorn are the best! What’s your favorite? You can tell me here. With a bit of imagination you can vary the flavour of popcorn endlessly. Good Luck!

By the way, I saw a clip of a cool popcorn slot machine the other day with a popcorn theme, I think it was a tip from the site But the best thing was the voices in the background, almost like MST3K (but worse language, though)…. 😉

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