MST 3000My name is Carl and I live in a small village in the south of Sweden. When I was a little boy we moved to USA because of my father’s work. Here is where I discovered the Mystery Science Theater 3000. The first episode was at Thanksgiving 1988 and I loved it from the start. To every episode I used to crawl up in our blue couch with a big bucket of popcorn and join Joel Hodgson and his robot companions in their discussion about B-movies. It’s like ”Arch Hall Jr”commented on Kickstarter:

The mental image of Joel, Jonah, Hampton, Baron, Felicia, and Patton sitting around watching bad movies and being friends just gives me a big warm feeling, guys.

When I saw that the show was having a revival it brought back a lot of memories. Not only great episodes but it also made me remember my time in the United States and highlights from this. Which MST3K truly was!

I’m a bit nervous that the new episodes will be a disappointing, some people think it shall be more edgy, but I’m not sure I’ll agree with that. I’d like the show as it was and I don’t know how to make it better, even though I’m  hoping the newest ones will be even better!

My girlfriend isn’t really a fan of the show. She’s one of those who doesn’t understand the point of the show. Some say it’s irritating and hard to understand. But I believe it’s the warm feeling between the characters that makes us drawn to the show. I mean, why else would you care to watch a man with his robots, two scientists and a lot of B-movies?

I believe the series must have played an important role in the type of comedy that diss old games, movies and it has also played a big role in many fans heart. I know – because I am one.

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