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Crow T. Robot

CrowTRobotOf course I have to say some things about the robots starring in MST3K, starting with Crow T. Robot. As you know, it’s a robot that Joel built, who together with Joel, Tom Servo, Gypsy and Cambot comments on B-movies. Joel created his robots so they could help him not to get mad watching the B-movies that scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester forced him to watch.

The T. in Crows name stands for “The” and in one episode Joel said that Crow stood for Cybernetic Remotely Operated women”. Crow got really upset and had an identity crisis until Joel revealed that he had built Crow to play tis joke on him.

Joel sometimes calls Crow for Art, which comes from an episode in which The Honeymooners where showed. Joel played a joke on Crow referring to co-star Art Carney. After a drawing sent in from a child who didn’t get the Art Crow-joke and labeled the drawing as Art, the joke became recurring in the series.

The voice actor was from the beginning Trace Beallieu, but from the eight season Crow was voiced by Bill Corbett. In the revival Crow will be voiced by Hampton Yunt. Do you remember him announcing“Ladies and Gentlemen, Topo Gigio” in the earlier season? Well, that was the voice if Ed Sullivan.

Crow was the only one of the robots that visited Deep 13, where the scientist worked and later lived. In the final episode Dr.Forrester shut down Deep 13. That was after his fundings was cut and then he moved back in with his mother. It will be interesting to see the return in the revival.

Crow often take the appearance of the characters in the movie as part of the jokes.

Perhaps you didn’t know that the original Crow actually was built by Joel Hodgson himself in one night, just before filming the pilot episode? The puppet was later redesigned to the present appearance.