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Manos: the Hands os Fate

Hello, hope you all are having a great day! It’s been a while since i wrote on my blog, but i have been busy with my girlfriend and summer vacation and all, but now i am back!
I want to tell you about one of the movies that was mentioned in Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The movie is called “Manos: the Hands os Fate”. The move has been rated as the worst movie made. But the movie has got some status and has got a lot of viewers since it was mentioned in the series. It was in the finale episode of season four in Mystery Science Theater 3000 that aired on the 30 January 1993. It is the two robots Tom Servo and Crow who mention the title of the movie several times in the beginning of the episode. When the host, Joel, breaks in to talk, he and the robots and they start talking about the main characters from the movie. The two robots breaks down crying because of how bad the movie is.

The plot in the movie is: A family is out on a road trip and gets lost on the way. They stumble upon a hidden underground, devil-worshiping cult that is led by the Master and his servant Torgo. The name on the movie “hand of fate” comes from when The Master burns off Torgos hand and starts burning off faces with the burning hand. As you can hear this probably sounds like the worst movie ever, and it is not a surprise that it as gotten the title a few times.

This episode of MST3K has often been described as one of the best in the series. The show has also got a lot of credit for shedding light to this movie, even though it trough this got a lot of titles as the worst movie ever made. The movie was made 1966 but until the episode of MST3K 1993 it was forgotten. The movie has also been mentioned in an episode of the comedy show How I Met Your Mother. The character Ted Moseby argues about wether it is the worst movie made or not. I do not think that i will watch this movie, or perhaps i should! I can not really decide what to do, it sound so incredibly bad but perhaps you have to see it anyways. I did watch a couple of episodes of HIMYM the other day. It was an episode where they go to Las Vegas to play poker and have some fun. Here’s a little clip from the episode:

To play slot machines looked quite fun and i decided that i wanted to try it out. Unfortunately i do not live very close to a casino. I therefore thought that i could try out an online casino instead, because i have heard that they also have a lot of slot machines. I read this great guide about the online casinos, where they had did some reviews about where to get the best free spins. It was great for me who never has played online before. I did try out some of the slots but i’m not really convinced. I think that i should plan on going to a real casino instead of playing online. In that way i can meet some people or maybe take my girlfriend! Btw, tomorrow is the night when we are going to watch MST3K for the first time! I will tell you all about it later! Cheers