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Which are the best popcorn to eat while watching MST3K?

In this post I will actually leave MST3K for a while and talk about something else that is important: Popcorn. An important feature for me while I was watching MST3K was what kind of popcorns to use when hearing comments about B-movies.

Regular Popcorn – Always works, but it can be a bit boring. You need plenty of salt and my personal taste is that they should be a little bit crunchy, which means more burned than soft.

Butter Popcorn – My favorite! You can’t have too much butter on popcorn! Well, you might if you do them yourself, since it really stick to your fingers. But when you buy them from a machine , the more yellow the better!!

Cheddar Popcorn – Well, cheddar is lovely, but is it suitable for popcorn? Or should it remain in Cheez Doodles only? I love Cheddar Popcorn, but I can’t eat a too much of it, I’ll get kind of sick at the taste after a while and it taste like socks.

Toffee Popcorn – Sweet popcorn are yummy too. But also, not too many of them… Sweets are better off on candy.

Popcorn with different flavors – I have a popcorn-lover friend that have introduced me to have cinnamon on Popcorns. It works, but it doesn’t beat butter!

Colored popcorn – Colored popcorn with sugar looks better than they taste. But are enjoyable anyway in the company of Joel and the crew!

Cookie popcorn – I read a recipe about mixing popcorn with crushed Oreos and then adding melted chocolate to this. I’ve never tried it, but honestly, can that be good? I’m doubtful.

Apple popcorn – Mix apple crisps with popcorn, melted butter, sugar, salt an syrup and put in the oven for 5 minutes. Taste quite good with the sweetness, salt and sourness mixture.

Parmesan and garlic – I love popcorn, I love parmesan and I love garlic. Add a little bit of melted butter and sprinkle the parmesan and the grinded garlic spice and you’re in heaven! You can add Rosemary if you want.

A warning – I bought a popcorn machine since it was fat free (or I got it from my girlfriend… What does she wan’t too say with that??) Well, anyway, the good thing about it was just to put down the corn and pop it, without using butter or oil. And perhaps they were fat free, but so tasteless! Even the salt didn’t stick! So not even the guys on MST3K can make me laugh when eating these babies….

Conclusion – buttered popcorn are the best! What’s your favorite? You can tell me here. With a bit of imagination you can vary the flavour of popcorn endlessly. Good Luck!

By the way, I saw a clip of a cool popcorn slot machine the other day with a popcorn theme, I think it was a tip from the site But the best thing was the voices in the background, almost like MST3K (but worse language, though)…. 😉

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