The revival

Who would have thought that the show MST3K would have a revival? Well, at least not me!! But I’m very happy that Joel Hodgson decided to bring back the show! He started everything in 2010, but increased the efforts in 2013. He worked closely with the production company Shout! Factory that had published many shows, since Hodgson thought that it was time for a revival. The series still had fans, although it was 25 years ago it was launched. Some shows had got a contribute from it’s fans to start broadcasting again, so Hodgson thought a Kickstarter Campaign would be a good idea. He wanted the fans to say their point of view of what kind of show they wanted, just not the network. He launched a $2 million Kickstarter campaign to produce three new episodes. A goal was $5,5 million, which would allow 12 new episodes. And he actually got $5,764,229 from around 48 000 fans and with a little bit of extra for backer add-ons the money allows 14 brand new episodes to be produced! A first glimpse will hopefully be in 2016 San Diego Comic-Con festival.

Hodgson had already decided that there will be a whole new staff that will write the new shows and it has been selected by Joel Hodgson himself. It will be both cast members and backers from the campaign and also some guest writers. He had opened for some of the exciting staff to be apart of the creative process or make guest appearances, but apparently Nelson, Weinstein, Beaulieu, Pehl, and Corbett have declined for different reasons. Paul Chaplin, one of the original writers will take part, however and also, Charlie Erickson who composed the original theme song will make the music arrangements even for the new episodes. The original costume designer Beez McKeever will do props and costumes even for the new show.

I really hope it will be as good as the last episodes, but I think it will be difficult… I’m afraid I might be disappointed. As I said, some people hope they will be more edgy, but I’m not sure of my opinion on that. But I believe it must have some new features, because if the new cast do exactly the same as the old did 20 years ago I think many fans will loose the feeling they had for the original show. But, I’m not sure…

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