Wouldn’t it be cool to turn MST3K to a game?

South Park slotSometimes I gamble. Yes, I’m not proud of it, but sometimes I do. Usually I play slots and have recently noticed how many slots that has been inspired by movies. I think more and more has been developed, after game developers have started to cooperate with film studios like Universal Studios. For example the slots Frankenstein, Grease, The Hangover, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Night, Spider-Man, Star Trek and Marvel-slots. Some of them has a progressive jackpot as well. And I have seen that’s there aren’t only movie themed slots in the business, but also slots based on tv-series. See for example the slot South Park that is inspired by the cult series. I played it and it was quite fun. I read about this slot, and  also the South Park Reel Chaos slot, at Casinocenter which is a site that has listed a lot of slots. And then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to turn MST3K to a game? I honestly thought about it briefly before, when I wrote my previous post about popcorn and found the popcorn slot.

So how would the game look like? In my fantasy I would make Tom Servo and Gypsy to bonus symbols and have three bonus games, just like in South Park. I would turn Joel into a scatter symbol and Mike Nelson into a wild symbol. I think the avalanche feature in Gonzo’s Quest is pretty cool, so maybe I would use this in the MST3K slot. But what shall I do with the B-movies, the theatre and the popcorn? Perhaps the bonus round can be opened with old fashioned curtains? The background can be black and white and Joel can comment on the winnings together with his robots. The intro can be a short introduction to when Joel is trapped on the Satellite of Love and is forced to watch the movies.

Wouldn’t that be a great slot? I’m pretty sure it would! Perhaps I shall send my idea to NetEnt or Microgaming 😉 But on the other hand, perhaps Joel Hodgson himself won’t like the show to be turned into a game, so it might be a bad idea….

By the way, I have ordered the complete series now…. It will be so fun to watch! I am really looking forward to it! I think I will start at the beginning and watch the episodes in the right order, although I have my favorites. My girlfriend won’t be too happy though, I’ll guess, since it’s around 10 years of episodes to watch. But she’ll have to put up with it, because I want to watch everything before the new episodes will be launched.

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